Integrative Medical Case Reports

Revised 1/16/2018

In the interest of the DAOM fellows’ study and improving the quality of the clinical studies, a Integrative Medical Case Report (IMCR) is submitted to the DAOM Clinical Adviser every quarter over the course of the program.  The goals of these reports are to emphasize medical necessity, foster consultation and collaboration with other healthcare providers, and to encourage DAOM fellow’s to publish their findings in a peer-reviewed journal.

During the DAOM meeting weekends, the Clinic Advisor will select cases to discuss in a Grand Rounds group format during the scheduled Clinical Rounds.  During the non-meeting weekends, cases are discussed one-on-one or in small group with the Clinical Advisor.

In order to meet the course objectives, DAOM fellows are required to submit by email (1) IMCR each quarter to the DAOM Clinical Adviser.  The IMCR must be related to the topic of the quarter.  Fellows may bring cases from their private practices for consultation with the DAOM Clinical Adviser.  Fellows may also use the same cases presented for Medical Presentations for the IMCR.

Cases must be emailed to the DAOM Clinical Advisor 2 weeks PRIOR to the meeting to allow time for review.  The goal is to produce a high quality of a case report or case series that can have the potential to be a good Capstone Product and/or have the possibility to submit for publication.

The submission dates for each Cohort are as follows:

Thursday Month 1 (Jan) Month 2 (Feb) Month 3 (Mar)
Cohort 13 Submission
Cohort 15 Submission
Cohort 12 Submission
Cohort 14 Submission

The updated clinic syllabus can be found here on the new DAOM Website (

DAOM Integrative Medical Case Report Template (download here)

DAOM Integrative Medical Case Report Evaluation (download here)