Article Requests

Faculty, Staff, alumni, and current students may request articles through our institution.  In order to accommodate your article requests for your classes or research, we’ve launched an article request form that can be found here:
All article requests must be made though the above link.  The library will not be fulfilling article requests sent by email.
Please make sure to include the PMID for article identification purposes.  Please use the above link to submit your requests and we’ll get back to you when your article is available.  Before making an article request, please check to see if the article is OPEN ACCESS which means that the article can be downloaded for free to your computer.  If you don’t receive a reply to your article requests, it may be because the article isn’t available from the shared library network.  To check on your article status, please email
If you’re looking for other resources to do you research, check with a local university or college.  Often these institutional libraries are open to the general public, or give special access for academic purposes.  The UCLA Biomed Library is a great place to start.