Course Title: Clinical Preceptorship – General
Course Code: Clinical Training
Course Units/Hours: Optional; 50 Clinical Hours minimum per project
Hours more than minimum accepted for fulfillment of degree requirements
Quarter: Winter 2019
Course Schedule: By arrangement with supervisor
Cohorts: All
Location: By arrangement with supervisor
Revision: 3/19/2019



Mentors and Supervisors for offsite projects are selected by the DAOM Fellow with approval by the DAOM Office.  The Emperor’s College DAOM Program approves mentors and supervisors according to certain guidelines.  Mentors and Supervisors must meet at least one of the follow requirements:

  • Must hold a doctorate or terminal degree such as a PhD, DAOM, degree in a Western healthcare profession, or hold equivalent status from abroad such as a masters degree (i.e. MD (Taiwan), MD (China)), and state recognition for advanced academic standing.
  • Must have been in practice for a minimum of ten years, and have identified expertise in an area of interest for the fellow to benefit from the mentorship, and provide sufficient patient or other work load for quality of instruction at a doctorate level.
  • Mentor must have attained distinction in the field related to the project.  Distinction is qualified as either publications or presentations, or as specific focus, knowledge and experience in a particular area.

Mentors and Supervisors must provide a current license in their practice area and current curriculum vitae to the DAOM Office with the application.

Registration Forms

How to register:

Schedule an appointment with your prospective Mentor/Supervisor to go over the requirements of your proposed project.

Use the APPLICATION for new projects that you are starting during the WINTER 2019 QUARTER.  Please remember to work directly with your Supervisors and Mentors directly when filling out the application forms.  You only need to complete the DAOM application once per project.  


WINTER 2019 Mentorship, Preceptorship, Service Learning Application:

Forms will be signed electronically using DocuSign

Quarterly Evaluation Forms

At the end of each quarter:

The evaluation forms are for logging your hours QUARTERLY and to FINALIZE the project.

If you’re project is going to continue into the next quarter with the same mentor/supervisor with the project, you’ll select ongoing project.  Check with your mentor/supervisor about continuing your project with them.

If you are finished with your project, you’ll select completed project.  Forms will be signed electronically using DocuSign.


WINTER 2019 Mentorship, Preceptorship, Service Learning Evaluation:  

Forms will be signed electronically using DocuSign

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Students must meet the following Prerequisites and Corequisites:

Required Documents
  • By arrangement with supervisor.
Licensure Requirements
  • By arrangement with supervisor.


Course Description

The DAOM Clinic Experience Program (DCEP) entails 650 hours of advanced clinical experience with minimal supervision.  Personalized clinical advancement is based on prior experience, current clinical practice and educational goals.

Doctoral students will experience teaching, supervision, and assessment of intern learning at Master’s level and serve a role model for Master’s interns under the supervision of a Clinical Supervisor. The learning experience may include but is not limited to an assignment of a Technical/Assistant Supervisor position in a Master’s program clinic.  

Course Content

The educational objective(s) of this course is/are for doctoral students to acquire and demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Ability to assume teaching, evaluation responsibilities, and role modeling
Course Objectives

The educational objectives of this course are for doctoral students to reinforce the following competencies (2016 Revision):

  • APPLY the knowledge and skills of the fundamentals and mechanisms of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM)
  • APPLY the knowledge and skills related to biomedical assessment
  • DEVELOP multiple modalities
  • EDUCATE others in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM)
  • COMBINE and SYNTHESIZE concepts and ideas for professional growth
  • ANALYZE and EMPLOY research findings for clinical use


Course Requirements

Fellows must request to be assigned to this clinical option.  A minimum of 50 hours is required per project. Additional hours beyond the required minimum are applied towards the graduation requirement.  Made by special request to the DAOM Office.

Out-of-Class Work
To successfully complete the program, students need to plan studying a minimum of 2 hours out-of-class for each academic in-class hour; and half an hour out-of-class for each hour of clinical training.

Students must be on time and not leave before the end of class meeting time. Students are responsible for all material presented in class as well as the reading assignments.


  • Class attendance and participation
  • Submission of course product on time
Methods of Teaching
  • Observation
  • Demonstration
  • Discussion
  • Assignments
Readings and Texts

Required Readings

  • By assignment of supervisor.


Recommended Readings

  • By assignment of supervisor.
Required Materials and Attire

Equipment Requirements

  • Computer, laptop, or tablet with internet connection
  • Student ID with barcodes
  • Photocopy of I.D. card with barcode x2
  • CPR and First Aid Certifications (to be kept with ID)
  • Lab Coat
  • Clinic Manual
  • A watch or clock with second (sweep) hand or a digital display of the seconds
  • Stethoscope
  • Plastic Rescue (Pocket CPR) Mask
  • Notebook
  • and additional by assignment of supervisor

Software Requirements

  • Students must sign up for a Google Account to access Google Drive.
  • By assignment of supervisor


  • By arrangement with the supervisor.
Provided Materials
  • By arrangement with supervisor.


Method of Evaluation
  • By arrangement by supervisor
  • Reports on assigned projects.
  • Evaluation by supervisor.
Grading System
  • Pass (P) – Completion of registered hours and submission of all course product on time.
  • Fail (F) – Incompletion of registered hours or course products or both at the start of the next academic quarter of registration.
Course Products
  • Reports on assigned projects.
  • Evaluation by supervisor.
  • self-evaluation.


Attendance Policy

Professionalism and Full and Prompt Attendance:  To pass any course (separate from academic performance) all students must meet requirements for professionalism in coursework.

  • By arrangement with the supervisor.
Academic and Professional Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Professionalism includes adhering to all policies and regulations. The college reserves the right to amend any portions to the handbook. Students are expected to read and adhere to the new policies with each revision.

Please visit https://www.emperors.edu/publications/ for more details.

General Regulations
  • Emperor’s College uses the “Honor System”. The college trusts each student to be honest, observe a high level of integrity and not resort to cheating, plagiarism or any such conduct. It is the obligation of any party with knowledge of such conduct to come forward with a verbal and/or written report to the Academic Dean’s office.
Reasonable Accommodations

Emperor’s College will provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, including learning disabilities and those with health impairments. Students are encouraged to meet with the Academic Dean to discuss these issues as early as possible. Suitable adjustments and accommodations will be worked out on a case-by-case basis. The student is required to submit up-to-date documentation of disabilities when the disability is an issue.

Please visit https://www.emperors.edu/publications/ for more details.




Library Resources

Online databases are available at http://search.ebscohost.com/.  To access the database, please email the librarian for access.

Article Request Form can be found here https://www.emperors.edu/masters-program/student-life/acupuncture-school-library/library-article-request/ 

Please visit https://www.emperors.edu/masters-program/student-life/acupuncture-school-library/ for more information.

Supplemental Resources
Basic Presentation Skills
The Basic Presentation Skills is an online 3-part training that students may access through their ThinkHR (https://apps.thinkhr.com/login/) profiles.  This is a complimentary and optional resource offered to DAOM Fellows to help you develop and improve not only your Medical Presentations and Capstone Presentations, but also any clinical or didactic teaching assignments.

Google Training Center